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haia Achieves COSMOS Organic Certification for 24 SKUS

The Harmonized European Standard of Sustainability & Organics

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Silverthorne, CO – October 20,2020 – “The intersection of beauty, grooming and wellness is defined and terms like anti-aging are giving way to a new age-embracing narrative as men begin to discover that grooming is far more than a superficial proposition,” said OM4’s CEO and Chief Formulation Officer, on November 1, 2017 when he launched an industry first, the Well-Being collection of OM4Men.

Since 2016, Bruggeman has led the Beauty Meets Wellness initiative at the Global Wellness Institute, and has personally conducted roundtables around the globe to ascertain how different cultures define the interface between beauty and wellness. Bruggeman and the initiative team also spearheaded the Institute’s Global Consumer Insights Study to determine what beauty consumers deemed important from brand attributes and ethos, to their expectations for safety, hygiene and sustainability.

Bruggeman has never shied away from a challenge. Being the first founder to develop a comprehensive skin-type and condition-specific brand for men, long before it was vogue, Bruggeman still felt there was much to be done to lead the industry in defining a new beauty category beyond clean beauty, which he called, “Well Beauty.” 

Introducing haia (HAPPY AS I AM), a new inclusive, culturally relevant, well beauty brand that has just achieved the prestigious European standard – COSMOS Organic Certification for all 24 SKU’s across five multi-functional, biomimicry-inspired collections:

  • Environmental Stress & Defense Collection – harnesses the power of extremophiles and marine-based ingredients to detox and reset the skin’s natural defense system to protect against, blue light emitting devices, pollution, hypersensitivity and the new skin wellness imperative –inflamm-aging.

  • Microbiome & Oil Balancing Collection – employs the latest pre-, pro- and postbiotic technologies to harmonize the skin’s natural microbiome and address lifestyle-induced skin immune system conditions, such as problem, hormonally chaotic and escalating atopic dermatitis concerns.

  • Age Optimizing & Cellular Health Collection – leverages nature-inspired, cutting-edge biotech ingredient technologies to intercept aging at its source. Maintaining optimal skin wellness is a universal concern. This collection targets cellular health by helping protect the nuclear envelope from the natural forces of entropy, support collagen and elastin production, and reinforce barrier function.

  • HD Restructuring & Brightening Collection – recognizes that life happens and that as we age, we ultimately require a solution that focuses on restructuring the skin’s natural scaffolding, and helping smooth lines, boost radiance, reduce wrinkles and mitigate the negative impacts of photoaging as a result of prolonged exposure to the sun over a lifetime.

  • Advanced Wellness Solutions – a series of targeted solutions for augmenting any of the previously mentioned, skin wellness collections. Exfoliants, eye treatments, and blue zone-inspired face masks steeped with ancient grains, leafy greens, root vegetables, age-delaying mesonutrients, antioxidant-rich Chinese herbs, exotic spices and food sources that feed the skin and body, especially when paired with ingestibles and a sound nutritional plan.

The COSMOS standard signature is a consumer guarantee that can be trusted far beyond certifying the organic content of a product. Over 8,000 approved ingredients and 7,000 raw materials are scrutinized from seed, to plot of land, to agricultural and harvesting methods, manufacturing practices – biodegradability of chemicals and solvents used in ingredient extraction and processing, to the sustainability of packaging down to the spring and ball bearing components in a lotion pump. The COSMOS-standard defines the criteria that haia must meet to ensure all products are genuinely organic, globally inscrutable and produced to the highest feasible sustainability levels. 

Under the COSMOS organic standard, performance need not be sacrificed due to an ingredient’s plant-based origin, but rather enhanced due to the marriage of biotechnology and nature to produce immediate and noticeable results.


One Well World, Ltd. Is the parent company, of haia (HAPPY AS I AM) and OM4Men the ground breaking comprehensive men’s skin wellness brand, servicing the wellness needs of consumers since 2002. One Well World also houses the nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable foundation that supports mental health and suicide prevention, anti-bullying, domestic violence, access to wellness services for underserved populations and men’s health.

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