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Sensitive Skin (Skin is easily irritated and reactive. Product application can cause a slight burning sensation, redness and discomfort.)
Oily Skin (Skin feels oily and greasy before noon. Has a shiny appearance throughout the day. Skin may be prone to spots, blemishes and in extreme cases acne. Pores are often large and visible.)
Normal Skin (Skin has an even tone is balanced and hydrated throughout the day without feeling oily or dry.)
Dry Skin (Skin feels tight and dehydrated. May see flakiness or visible dry patches especially on the forehead, cheeks, chin and/or around the eyes.)
Combination Skin (Two or more different skin types occur at the same time. Some dryness, especially cheeks and around the eyes, while the center part of your face, nose, chin, and forehead is oily.)
Large Pores
Razor Burn
Razor Bumps
Ingrown Hairs
Dark Spots
Premature Aging
Fine Lines
Dark Circles

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Each Kit Includes Sample Sized:

Skin Type Specific Samples from our Microbiome & Oil Balancing Collection, Age-Optimizing & Cellular Health Collection, HD Restructuring & Brightening Collection or Environmental Stress & Defense Collection.

Advanced Wellness Collection: (1) Sacha Inchi Peptide Eye Brightening Cream, (1) 3D Intensive Eye Renewal Serum, (1) Yogurt + Ancient Grain Microbiome Balancing Mask, (1) Natural Retinol Remodeling + Brightening Treatment, (1) TCM Inflammaging Reboot Mask, (1) Superantioxidant + Mesonutrient Infusion Mask, (1) Ginger Mint Kombucha Shave Cream