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Results-oriented skin wellness. Professional skin care featured in high-end spas & hotels. Positive affirmations to improve our overall wellbeing. Verified & certified organic & made in the USA.

Your "C"

Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that brings amazing skin health. Give your skin a potent dose while you lighten, tighten, and even skin tone with the HD Restructuring & Brightening Collection.

Blue Light Protection for Device-Centric Life

It's official...all that computer & smartphone use causes early aging! Put up a barrier with the Environmental Stress & Defense Collection today!

The Science of Belonging

haia is a gender neutral 360-degree wellness lifestyle brand designed to promote physical, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, social and professional well-being. haia uses biomimicry, the science of innovating and seeking sustainable solutions to human challenges by emulating nature’s time-tested wisdom, from four different biomes—high alpine, woodland, Australian outback + desert, and ocean marine. The line of products are divided into four different color-coded collections, with cleansers, toners, serums and moisturizers, each with its own carefully selected affirmation.

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