About haia

About haia

haia is truly happy as I am. A natural organic skin care system for every stage of your life powered by the science of belonging. We encompass all of the values that “You Are Enough” in everything we do. No matter your sexual orientation, body type, skin type, belief systems...we believe you are perfect the way you are. You deserve to be happy and to stay true to yourself every single day. By combining the values of self esteem and self protection via the microbiome, our goal is to help your entire wellness. We dedicate ourselves to your skin, the way you feel about yourself and being happy as I am.

Can a skincare line actually have an impact on self-esteem, emotional wellbeing and even your sense of belonging? (Happy as I Am) – the new gender neutral, 360-degree wellness skincare line that industry leader, Michael Bruggeman, is debuting -- aims to do just that by going more than just skin deep.

Michael Bruggeman

Michael Bruggeman

Letting go of the idea of an unattainable physical ideal, haia combines Eco-Certified, cutting-edge ingredients with tools to support an inclusive philosophy that you are enough. From daily affirmation rituals to animated characters who embody the emotional, physical, intellectual and even spiritual sides of its customer -- haia aims to change the conversation around skincare.

A 2018 CDC study found suicide is at its highest rate in the U.S. in half a century. According to the World Health Organization, 300 million people have been diagnosed with depression. Bruggeman decided to offer help from the outside in, via the industries he knows the best -- skincare and wellness.

Ten years ago, he co-founded the first natural, professional spa brand for men, OM4 MEN, Organic Male and the founder of the leadership initiative, One Well World. Four years ago, he became chair of the Global Wellness Institute’s Beauty Meets Wellness Initiative.

Bruggeman couldn’t help but notice a recurring theme when he conducted international roundtables with industry stakeholders in New York, London, Paris, Los Angeles and Hong Kong; when he spearheaded a Global Consumer Insights Study; and while attending wellness summits around the world. People yearned to feel good about themselves – no matter their size, shape, race, gender or sexual proclivity -- and be confident in who they were. And then there’s the happy reality that natural, eco-conscious and clean products are the fastest growing segment in skincare and beauty That kind of feedback and data were the drivers behind Bruggeman’s inspiration to create haia.

“Since beauty and belonging are such cultural drivers, our goal was to create a clean and inclusive skincare brand to help change the idea of living up to the social norm,” explains Bruggeman, “and remind you to love exactly who you are every day. And what better place to debut it than the spa & wellness industry’s annual trade show & conference?”

Bruggeman adds, “haia brings together the best of science and nature but beyond even that, our hope is that the positive affirmations on each product will help something as basic as your daily skincare routine inspire confidence, self-esteem and a sense of belonging.”

creating haia

Using biomimicry from four different biomes – or large, naturally occurring habitats, such as a forest or tundra – he worked with some of the most sophisticated raw material manufacturers in the world to create products containing the latest in clean, nature-derived, active ingredients, such as extremophiles (microorganisms that live in conditions of extreme temperature, acidity, alkalinity, or chemical concentration), mesonutrients (the active compounds or antioxidants within superfoods found in longevity inducing Blue Zone diets), plant stem cells and bioferments that promote a healthy skin microbiome.

Cosmos Organic Certified by Ecocert:
Beyond simply choosing mostly organic ingredients, Bruggeman made a decision to work towards having haia qualify for the globally recognized, highest level of organic and natural product certification that exists.

The new line is divided into five different, color-coded collections with cleansers, toners, serums, moisturizers exfoliators, eye products and masks. The packaging uses a purposeful woven fabric design as a metaphor for weaving a single, and often vulnerable thread – standing for diversity and individuality -- into a fabric of strength, and a work of art.

An April 2017 PSYCHOLOGY TODAY article by Dr. Leena Guptha said that people “can learn to incorporate self-affirmation into their arsenal of tools for coping with everyday threats and thus become agents in the maintenance of their own well-being.” Each haia product has its own carefully selected affirmation such as: I am Confident, I am Bold, I am Worthy, I am Whole, I am Resourceful, I am Resilient and many more.